24 – Self-love, self-discovery, self

Originally a novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Robert stars as Elizabeth Gilbert in the movie Eat Pray Love. I personally have not read the novel, but as I write this blog I am thinking to myself “maybe I should”. Anyways, I have seen the movie and was entranced by the protagonist’s, Elizabeth Gilbert, determination to find her purpose and “self” in life.  This movie was insightful and an eye opener to what life can be if you have the willingness to embrace self-love, independence, and the freedom to discover the wonders of this world. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has dreams and aspirations. Having all three is what makes life extraordinary. Having just purpose and no dreams or aspirations to fulfill can create a deep void for an individual, and in the case of Elizabeth she was missing all three. This movie takes the audience on a journey of self-love and self-discovery. As Elizabeth abandons her life in the United States to travel abroad, she comes across unique and inspiring individuals, religions, and aesthetics that brings her to nirvana.

This movie is influential for women because it challenges societal norms and barriers. It inspires women to take time for themselves, to take care of their physical, mental, and soul. I think women have such an essential role in society that we forget to take time for ourselves to gather our thoughts and physical needs. The only way we can continue to evolve and flourish is by putting ourselves first, which is reiterated throughout this movie. Life is scary and yes it is even scarier to travel the world alone, but it is an insightful and life changing experience that many women should take the time to do. It’s time we indulge in self-love and self-discovery rather than societal norms and expectations.


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